Tasting The Raindrops

Looking in your eyes

I feel myself falling in love with you

You said I love you

And I said it too

We went to our very own special spot

For no real reason at all

We sat and talked and looked at one another

And then the rain began to fall

We could have left just as quick as we came

But no, you wanted to stay in the rain

You asked me a question I’ll never forget

Have you ever tasted the raindrops?

I looked at you funny and you gave me a sigh

The cutest look, as I wondered, why?

Why, did you ask me to taste the rain?

Well, what did have to loose or gain?

I watched you with a careful eye

And did the same as you

You were looking up at the cloudy sky

But my eyes were stuck on you like glue

I lifted my head to look at the sky

And closed my eyes really tight

Just as I thought I’d caught a raindrop

You suddenly held me tight

I opened my eyes with slight alarm

As you kissed me soft and sweet

I remember that kiss like it was yesterday
I still feel those raindrops on my cheek

I tasted the raindrops like I never had before

It was worth every second of bliss

Every time I think of that moment

I think of my raindrop kiss

We sat close together on that one special rock

And we held each other tight

Then almost as suddenly as it came

The sun came out from beneath the rain

The most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen

Came out on the western sky

The sun was setting and the moment was perfect

More than any money could buy

As the sun slowly set and the sky lit up

You began carving our names in our special rock

I told you I would never forget this moment

In my heart this memory is locked

As our names were finished and permanently engraved

We watched the sun finish its day

We slowly got up to leave this place

Which was a year ago this May

I haven’t been to that spot in a year

Where did all the time go?

I will visit this place alone this time

And I will finally have to let go

This memory will be in my heart forever

But you will not remain in my mind

I don’t know if that love, will be seen again

For that love I cannot find

I will go to this spot as we promised we would

But you will not be there this time

Why is it that you can’t keep your promise?

I know that I’m keeping mine

Never again will I taste the raindrops

The way I did with you

And when I go to this spot again

I will say goodbye to you........


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